The Sting (1973): Losing Three Thousand Dollars


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The clip losing three thousand dollars from The Sting (1973) with Robert Redford

You see that guy Harry, he can't keep time.
Supposing there's some Hollywood movie agent out there.
All those years of training right down the drain.
Ain't seen you in months. Thought you took a fall.
Just a little hard times. Everything's jake now.
How about a ten spot on the line?
There's a lot of action there on 28th Street. Pay you $35.
$3,000 on the red.
Are you nuts?
No, I feel lucky.
Hooker, I can't accept that. It's too big a bet.
There's a house limit.
Take it.
But Hooker here...
Take it!
Twenty-two, black.
Tough luck, kid.
Lucky for me it came up black.
A fella could get in trouble here, losing a bet like that.
Listen, Jimmy, can't we do it again?
Don't worry about it. There's always more where that came from.
"Don't worry about it," he says. $3,000!
Thanks, Hooker.
Comes in here with $50 he's going to spend on me!
Thanks for the evening.
It's not over yet.
Next time you want to spend $50 on me, mail it.

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