The Sting (1973): Getting the Shut out


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The clip getting the shut out from The Sting (1973) with Robert Shaw, Harold Gould

In the sixth race at Belmont.
Wrecking Crew to win, Black Mischief to place...
...Whichaway to show.
Wait here.
The winner, Time to Go, paid $7...
...$5.40 and $3.80.
Joy Flag, $6 and $4.20.
Readily paid $3.80 to show.
The weather's threatening, but the track is fast in Salem, New Hampshire.
Here's a late jockey change there in the fifth at Rockingham.
R.C. Stark will ride Itsie-Bitsie.
$5,000 on Black Mischief, across the board. The sixth at Belmont.
Would you hurry up there, please?
Wrecking Crew is 3-1, Vale of Tears, 4...
...Black Mischief, 5, Whichaway, 6...
...Chief Yeoman, 12, Peerless Pal is 20...
...and Mariato is 40.
And here we go for the sixth at Belmont.
It's five and a half furlongs. They're at the post.
The flag is up.
They're off!
Belmont, $15,000.
Excuse me, sir. We can't take any bets once the race is started.
You can bet on another race if you care to.
Going into the backstretch, it's Wrecking Crew by two.
Whichaway a half, Black Mischief and Vale of Tears riding on the outside.
Nothing, thank you.
What happened?
I didn't get the bet down in time.
Heading for home, it's Wrecking Crew all alone by six lengths...
...Whichaway a length, and Vale of Tears.
It's Wrecking Crew, Whichaway and Black Mischief.
And at the wire, Wrecking Crew wins it by six lengths.
Black Mischief is second by a head...

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