The Sting (1973): The Feds Want Hooker


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The clip The Feds want Hooker from The Sting (1973) with Charles Durning

We've been told, you know a hustle artist named Johnny Hooker.
Do you know him?
Yeah, but I don't know where he is.
Well, we do. He's chumming around with a big C named Henry Gondorff.
Ring any bells?
Every bunco man in the country knows Gondorff.
Well, there's word he's gonna run a con on the South Side here.
We've got a Florida warrant on him, but it's a thin beef.
He can beat it in court unless we catch him cold.
All we want you to do is pick up Hooker for us.
Why don't you pick him up yourself?
If word gets out the feds are in on it, Gondorff will fold up the whole thing.
Wouldn't that be too bad?
Then you'd have to move out of this nice office you've got here.
Don't crack wise with me, flatfoot.
I spent too much time in dumps like this eating Gondorff's dust...
...while you guys in the bunco squads get rich tipping him off!
That's not gonna happen this time.
We're not gonna tell the police we're here.
You keep your mouth shut and do a job, there'll be reward bucks in it for you.
And you better take it, 'cause I can make you work for us without it.
What the hell good is Hooker to you?
He's gonna set up Gondorff for us.
He'll never do it.
I think he will.

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