Psycho III (1986): Norman Kills Duke Part 2


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The clip norman kills duke Part 2 from Psycho III (1986) with Jeff Fahey, Anthony Perkins

I love the silver that shines in your hair.
And the brow that's all furled and wrinkled with care.
I kissed the dear fingers, so toilworn for me.
Oh God bless you and keep you, dear Mother...
It doesn't scan, does it, Norman?
a lot of shit around here doesn't.
What are you doing with my mother?
Don�t you mean...
You did a nice job on her, Norman.
Fresh as the day she was croaked.
Just looking out for you.
And yourself.
I have ambitions, dreams.
But dreams don't come cheap nowadays.
I could have turned Mom over to the cops,
but all I would have gotten was a pat on the back.
That reporter would've shelled out a few bucks,
and gotten the lion's share of the credit, a five-figure salary,
and a big news job.
Fine for her dreams, but what about mine? No.
I figure Mama's greatest value to me is in her value to you.
I don't have that kind of money.

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