Psycho III (1986): Norman Asks Tracy Not to Come Back


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The clip norman asks tracy not to come back from Psycho III (1986)

What about this?
Maybe she got change for the phone or cigarettes.
It might help if you knew her name.
Forgot to ask.
It usually comes after "Hi, I'm Duane, but you can call me Duke. "
I'm more interested in those voices you heard up at the house.
Maybe voices. It could have been a TV or a radio.
Quite a crowd!
Yeah, homecoming weekend.
They're celebrating the big victory. The game's not until tonight.
Where are you going?
You said he's at the hospital picking her up.
Yeah. But what if he comes back?
You don't know a thing.
Fairvale or Central? Come on! Where are you from?
Too bad. Hope you don't mind losing.
Ms. Vanderbilt!
After you check in, come down to 4. There's a party. We gonna beat you.
Ms. Vanderbilt, are you looking for something?
Just you.
Hoping we can finish our little chat.
Your chats end up sounding
more like interrogations.
Another time?
And please, don't come back.

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