The Bourne Ultimatum (2007): Bourne Calls Journalist


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The clip bourne calls journalist from The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) with Paddy Considine, Matt Damon

Copy that. Mr. Wills, the subject is entering his office.
Give me some eyeballs on the street.
Where's my picture, please?
Coming online.
Online now.
Jimmy, how you doing with the phone line?
Yeah, we have an office line. We're working on his cell.
How long? An hour, sir.
That's too long.
So how do we know he's not spinning for someone?
There was more. He was scared.
Scared about what? Black briar.
Sorry. Call for you. Who is it?
Won't give his name.
Excuse me.
He's on my line. Thanks.
Simon Ross.
Camera three, screen.
Why aren't we hearing this?
Jimmy? That's a hard line, Jimmy. Why don't we have it?
We have his line, sir, but he's not on it. He's using a different phone.
I've been reading your stories.
Who is this? This is Jason Bourne.
Waterloo Station. South entrance. Thirty minutes. Come alone.
Get me audio as soon as you can, Ted.

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