The Bourne Ultimatum (2007): Operation Black Briar


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The clip operation black briar from The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) with Joan Allen, David Strathairn

What's going on?
What's Daniels got?
What's Operation Black briar?
Do you want to tell me, or should I call Kramer and ask him?
For Christ's sake, Pam, we're in the middle of an operation.
You want Jason Bourne,
level with me.
Operation Black briar started as an NEAT surveillance program.
And what is it now?
It is now the umbrella program for all our black ops.
Full envelope intrusion, rendition, experimental interrogation
is all run out of this office.
We are the sharp end of the stick now, Pam.
Lethal action?
If we have to, sure.
That's what makes us special. No more red tape.
No more getting the bad guys caught in our sights,
then watching them escape
while we wait for someone in Washington to issue the order.
Oh, come on.
You've seen the raw intel, Pam. You know how real the danger is.
We need these programs now.
What's the connection to Daniels?
He ran all of our operations in Southern Europe and North Africa,
so he has everything.
Names, dates, ghost sites, who's cooperating with us abroad.
Every operation.
You want that stuff in Bourne's hands, out on the market to the highest bidder?

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