The Bourne Ultimatum (2007): Contacting the Journalist


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The clip Contacting the journalist from The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) with Matt Damon, Paddy Considine

Who's your source?
What's his name? What's your source's name?
Look, what's going on? Why are these people after me?
Because you found something.
You talked to someone inside Tread stone.
Someone who was there at the beginning. Who is it?
You know I can't tell you that.
You have no idea what you're into here. These people will kill you, if they have to.
Was it Black briar? Is that what this is?
What's Black briar?
Tread stone upgrade. My source told me it all started with you.
He said that you were square one, the dirty little secret.
He said he knows who you are.
All right, we have to move.
Answer your phone.
Coming online. You got visual?
Where the hell is he, people?
Do exactly as I say. I need you to move up to your right.
First escalator on the right.
Tie your shoe. Tie your shoe right now. Tie your shoe.
I'm gonna walk by you. I want you to move along the far wall
to your left in four, three, two, one.
Stand up.
That's it.
Where the hell is he?
We cannot afford to lose this guy, people.
All right, that line you're on is good. Stay on that line. Stay on that line.
I've gotta go and pick up the kids. Can you go and get the shopping done?
Oh, the bin man, I think he's one of them.

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