The Bourne Ultimatum (2007): Hit on Black Briar


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The clip hit on black briar from The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) with Paddy Considine

Scanning. Go Sat 21. I have a hit on ECHELON. Black briar.
I repeat, Black briar.
Looks like it's coming from a European signal.
NSA, please confirm your receipt.
I'll bring up the frequency and the coordinates
...intercept of our principal...
Sir! What you got?
We intercepted a call in London. Keyword, "Black briar. "
Okay, send it to New York right away.
Track the phone?
Registered to a London reporter named Simon Ross.
Works at the Guardian newspaper.
You're tracking him? Sir. Yeah.
Thanks, Mike.
We have a survey team covering him at work
and a sneak and peek's on their way to his apartment.
Well, who talked to him? How did he find out about Black briar?
I don't know. We pulled his background
and ran a cross-check on any known anomalies.
We've come up with nothing. But I think if we follow Ross, we're gonna be able...
Ray, Ross is easy. We want the source.
Have you heard of an Operation Black briar?
You have details?
I'm gonna get my head around this and type it up.
I'll see you first thing.
Is that all? Yeah.
I want rendition protocols and put the asset on standby, just in case.
People, listen up! This is a full priority situation.
Jimmy, give me Ross' profile on one.

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