Peiseu (2004): Doctors Meeting


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The clip doctors meeting from Peiseu (2004)

Her parents sent test results to Cleveland Clinic,
requesting a heart transplant on her.
Meanwhile, her conditions have gotten worse.
Cleveland Clinic?
Having no experience with Beta-allergic cases,
they refused to accept her.
Moreover, they recommended you for the surgery.
Which means they know that you have a 100% success rate
in performing heart transplants on Beta-allergic patients.
What about the match?
Not found yet.
But I'm sure we'll find one soon.
How? By sitting around in here?
Go find me one now!
Yes, sir.
This is a great opportunity.
For what?
The patient's grandfather.
He's the president of Jin-myung Corp.
The 3rd biggest company in the country...
How does that relate to this?
If the surgery is successful,
he might donate...
If you have time to daydream, make another round!
Yes, sir.

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