Erin Brockovich (2000): Car Accident Trial


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The clip car accident trial from Erin Brockovich (2000) with Julia Roberts, Albert Finney

I was pulling out real slow, and out of nowhere...
...his Jaguar comes racing around the corner like a bat out of hell.
They took some bone from my hip and put it in my neck.
I don't have insurance... I'm about $1 7,000 in debt right now.
I couldn't take painkillers. They made me too groggy to take care of my kids.
Matthew's 8, and Katie's almost 6.
And Beth's just 9 months.
I just wanna be a good mom...
...a nice person, a decent citizen.
I just wanna take good care of my kids.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
Seventeen thousand in debt?
Your ex-husband helping?
Which one?
There's more than one?
Yeah, there's two. Why?
You must have been feeling desperate that afternoon.
What's your point?
Broke, three kids, no job.
-Doctor in a Jaguar is a meal ticket-- -Objection.
-Sustained. -He hit me!
So you say.
He came tearing around the corner, out of control.
An ER doctor, who spends his days saving lives, was out of control?
That asshole smashed in my fucking neck!

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