Erin Brockovich (2000): Inside Information on PG&E


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The clip inside information on PG&E from Erin Brockovich (2000) with Julia Roberts, Albert Finney

Then they dump the excess water into these ponds.
I don't remember seeing any ponds up there.
They've been covered over, and not too carefully.
If you dig one inch under the surface...
...dirt's as green as a fucking shamrock.
And that's what caused the contamination?
It didn't help, but no. The problem started on the bottom.
According to...
...this... most cases you would line these ponds... the shit didn't seep into the ground.
-But guess what? -They skipped that step?
Here are the ponds, the plume comes down...
...and Hinkley is down here...'s 1 4 years of hexachrome flowing into the groundwater.
This guy just offered all this information?
Well, yeah. Nelson cares what's in those ponds.
He used to spend time wading around them. That was his job.
What's the matter?
I don't know if we can pull this off.
This is a monster case. We're up to 41 1 plaintiffs.
We've taken 1 62 declarations.
Probably hundreds more out there have moved away.
We have to find them, it's taking time.
Money's going out, nothing's coming in.
I have to take a second mortgage.
-So? -So!
I have to tell you.
I've been making inquiries with other firms...
...bigger firms to share some of the cost.
They all said no, said they don't have it.
We got PG&E by the balls.

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