Erin Brockovich (2000): the Judge Accepts the Lawsuit


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The clip the judge accepts the lawsuit from Erin Brockovich (2000) with George Rocky Sullivan, Albert Finney

/ have before me a complaint on behalf of residents...
... of Hinkley, California, who have filed against PG&E.
For damages, medical expenses and personal trauma...
...due to contamination of the ground water in their area by the defendant.
And I have here 84 motions to strike and demurrers...
...submitted by representatives of Pacific Gas & Electric.
Each one attacking the validity of this complaint.
I have reviewed all of the information carefully.
I'm ready to give my decision.
Before I do, is there anything anyone wants to say?
-No, Your Honour. -No, Your Honour.
Very well.
In the matter of the plaintiffs of Hinkley, California vs. PG&E... is the order of this court that each of the 84 motions to strike...
...and demurrers are denied.
And the causes of action against Pacific Gas and Electric are upheld.
On a more personal note... a resident here in Barstow, which is not far from Hinkley...
...l am disturbed by reference... evidence that suggests that not only was hexavalent chromium used...
...but that your clients actually sent these residents...
...pamphlets telling them that it was good for them.
Tell your clients they're going to trial.

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