Erin Brockovich (2000): Inside Information on PG&E Part 2


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The clip inside information on PG&E Part 2 from Erin Brockovich (2000) with Albert Finney, Julia Roberts

PG&E Hinkley, but nobody'll get rich unless we pin this on Corporate... San Francisco. -What do you mean?
PG&E Corporate claims they didn't know about Hinkley.
They knew. They had to know.
Show me the document to prove it.
Then they didn't know. If so, we can't hit them with punitive damages.
With punitive damages, it's a sum of money that can...
...have some effect on these people's lives.
So what do we do now?
Let's assume there are documents connecting PG&E Hinkley and Corporate...
...and they know about them.
We take our 400 or so plaintiffs and everything you've dug up...
...we file a lawsuit to provoke a reaction.
See if they offer a reasonable settlement, or throw more paper at us.
Sounds great. Let's do that.
There's a downside.
PG&E will submit a demurrer.
A list attacking each complaint...
...claiming that each cause of action has no merit.
And if the judge agrees with them...
...he'll dismiss our case. PG&E will have no reason to settle.
Then it's all over.
So basically it all comes down to...
...what this one judge decides.
Basically, yeah.

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