Erin Brockovich (2000): Meeting with PG&E


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The clip meeting with PG&E from Erin Brockovich (2000) with Albert Finney, Julia Roberts

...l'm saying, the second she pressed the "send" button...
...PG&E's claim department was on the phone to me...
...scheduling a meeting.
So you think that-- Let me do it.
You're driving me nuts.
You think we scared them?
Taking the trouble to send someone...
...sounds like they're sitting up and taking notice.
Mr. Foil?
In the interest of putting this to rest...
...PG&E is willing to offer the Jensens $250,000 for their home.
In terms of land value in Hinkley...
...we feel that's a more than fair price.
How about in terms of medical expenses?
$250,000 isn't gonna come close to what this family's gonna spend on doctors.
I understand they've had bad luck, health-wise.
They have my sympathies.
But that's not PG&E's fault.
You're kidding, right?
Look at these readings.
PG&E's own technicians documented...
...toxic levels of hexavalent chromium in those wells...
...on numerous occasions.
Everything the Jensens have had... proven reaction to exposure to hexavalent chromium. They have had....
They have had....
Breast cysts, uterine cancer, Hodgkin's, immune deficiencies...
...asthma, nosebleeds--
A million things could cause those problems.
Poor diet, bad genes, irresponsible lifestyle.
Our offer is final and more than fair.

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