Erin Brockovich (2000): Erin Gets a Big Bonus Check


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The clip erin gets a big bonus check from Erin Brockovich (2000) with Albert Finney, Julia Roberts

Masry and Vititoe, can l--? Shoot!
Delivery for Ed Masry.
Last office down the corridor, on the right.
Thank you.
Masry and Vititoe--
Damn it!
Does anyone know anything about these phones?
Everybody loves the desk... picked out for me. It's great.
Guess who's on the cover of Los Angeles Lawyer magazine?
Talk to you later, baby. Bye.
-Thank you. -You're welcome.
I'd rather walk her through this in person, to show her...
...visual aids, documents and stuff.
Tell her I won't take up too much of her time.
It's a little more complicated than Hinkley, so let me do that.
Say I'm not a lawyer. That may help.
Why don't you give me the address now? Just in case.
All right. Thanks so much. Bye.
What's up?
I have your bonus check.
I want you to be prepared.
The figure's not exactly what we discussed.

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