Erin Brockovich (2000): Ed Explains the Arbitration to the Families


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The clip ed explains the arbitration to the families from Erin Brockovich (2000) with Albert Finney

Binding arbitration isn't that different from a trial.
It's overseen by a judge. Evidence is presented in much the same way.
And then a jury decides?
Sorry, I forgot to mention that there's no jury in binding arbitration.
No jury and no appeal.
What option do we have if we don't like the result?
None. The judge's decision is final.
Not a good answer.
No, but we don't anticipate that being a problem.
As I already told you...'s definitely between 50 and 400,000,000 dollars.
Well, which? There's a big difference.
I wouldn't like to speculate.
-Well, how does it get divided? -Yeah, who gets what?
My medical bills started two years ago, before some of the other people here.
My daughter was in and out of hospitals more than his.
It shouldn't matter when it started.
People, listen, please!
The point we have to address tonight is getting everyone to agree...
...that binding arbitration is better than a trial...
...that could go on for 1 0 years before you see any money.
Maybe some of us wanna wait 1 0 years!
Everyone has to agree, or no one has a chance!
Those of you about to leave, I'd like you to keep this date in mind: 1 978!
That's the year of the Love Canal controversy.
They're still waiting for their money!
Think about where you'll be in 1 5 or 20 years.
Now, look, everyone. Is this a big decision?
Absolutely! But I do not believe this is a sell-out.

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