Erin Brockovich (2000): Erin Feels Left out of the Case


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The clip erin feels left out of the case from Erin Brockovich (2000) with Dawn Didawick, Julia Roberts

I'm not saying it's not a strong case.
Otherwise, they wouldn't have dropped the demurrers. I wouldn't be here.
What I am saying is, we don't have a smoking gun...
...that ties San Francisco to Hinkley.
Something that proves that prior to 1 987...
...PG&E Corporate knew the water was bad there and did nothing about it.
-Erin, I thought you took a sick day. -So did l.
-What's going on in there? -Meeting about the PG&E thing.
-Are you sure? -Yep.
We can find it, or we don't have a big win.
Can I take a brief break here for a moment?
I'll be right back.
-You told me you weren't feeling great. -Bullshit!
If I was on my deathbed, if it helped you, you'd drag me out of it!
How could you take this away from me?
-Nobody's taking anything. -Bullshit! You stuck me in Siberia!
Dictating to some goddamned clerk so you could finish this without me.
They screwed up, Erin!
They screwed up and they admit it.
The arbitration proposal...
...could've been written in Sanskrit, for all the sense it made.
I know. I spoke to Ted. Pamela Duncan wouldn't even get on the phone with me!
Pamela made everybody mad with that letter.
She called us thieves.
-The whole thing's falling apart. -Why?
Because before we go to arbitration, the plaintiffs must agree!
-How many? -Usually they require about 70% .
PG&E is demanding 90. In other words, everybody.
Do you understand? This is serious.
And, what, Ed? I'm not serious?

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