Erin Brockovich (2000): Erin Knows Her Clients


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The clip Erin knows her clients from Erin Brockovich (2000) with Julia Roberts, Albert Finney

PG&E has requested that we submit to binding arbitration.
What's that?
That's where we try the case without a jury, before a judge.
It's called a test trial.
The judge's decision is final. There's no appeal.
-How many plaintiffs do you have? -634.
They'll never try that many all at once.
So we need to get them together in groups of 20 or 30.
Worst cases, the most life-threatened, the sickest first and so on.
Each one gets a go before the judge to determine damages.
PG&E proposes that they're liable...
...anywhere between 50 and 400 million.
So wait a minute. Let me just get this straight.
If we went to trial...
...PG&E could stretch this over 1 0 years with appeal after appeal.
-Those people would-- -These people expect a trial.
That's what we told them, you and me. They won't understand this.
Kurt thinks it's the best way to go.
Look, I promise you that we'll be very sensitive on this point.
We'll make sure they see...
...that this is the only way we can go forward at this time.
But we have a lot of work to do...
...before we even broach that subject.
I'll take Erin down the hall... we can start on this stuff, and I'll fill her in on the details.
-Those are my files. -Yeah. We had them couriered over.
Listen, good work. They're a great start.
We'll just spend some time filling in the holes in your research.

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