Pledge This! (2006): The Girls Quit Part 2


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The clip The Girls Quit Part 2 from Pledge This! (2006)

Them braids real? That's amazing.
Okay, you must be the Appalachian.
Like a like a whack mohawk thing going on there.
You're like a little redneck peacock.
What the hell happened there, girl?
I don't know if I'm comin' or goin'.
How you doin'?
You don't eat pork, do you?
I'd like to pork you. Porky Pig.
Whoa, a big girl!
You done beat anorexia!
I'm so glad you're a strong, healthy girl.
And look at... okay. You ever been with a man?
You ever been the man? Never mind.
Buford, can you show us something we could live in?
Okay, you need a place to stay.
Got it: Super Pollo Loco.
Is it a boat? Is it a restaurant?
Who cares!?
It's a hybrid with a history dating back to pre-revolutionary Cuba.
Smell the black beans and rice.
Taste the tostitos.
Babalo, babalo, babalo.
They don't make structures like this anymore.
I'm not sure they ever did.
Two converted sleeping bedrooms, a dining room...
and a working deep fryer.
Hey, great!

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