Pledge This! (2006): Pledging to Gamma Gamma


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The clip Pledging to Gamma Gamma from Pledge This! (2006)

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You know what, girls?
There is one place that we haven't tried yet.
Gamma Gamma.
Damn, It looks like some MTV crib shit.
My cooter's tingling.
I think there might be boys in there.
We need to get a door guy.
Better yet, a human bug zapper.
Oh, my God, that dress is so hot.
Thank you.
That must have cost hundreds of dollars.
Try thousands of hundreds.
So don't go looking for it in any Sears catalog.
That's what I meant.
Thousands... hundreds.
Oh, Morgan.
We'd like to pledge your sorority, please.
If it's not too much trouble, I'd like a room with a bidet.
Could you guys hold on for a second?
I think she likes us.
Someone left a mess on our front door, and it wants to pledge.
Look at this place. It's just heaven on earth.
And it's so pink.
We could have one hell of an orgy in here, gals.
What do you think, girls?
Are they Gamma material?
I think we should let them pledge.
And you are?
Kristen Haas.
And why do you think we should let them pledge, Kristen _ss?
Because, um... because they could be our diversity.
She's right.
Gamma's about acceptance and individuality.
Who are we to discriminate?

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