Pledge This! (2006): Looking For A Sorority


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The clip Looking For A Sorority from Pledge This! (2006)

It's just like when I used to live next to the methane plant.
Please step back. We just had a plumbing emergency...
causing the fat girl to go sky high.
Strangely we found a Dolce & Gabbana top...
stuffed down the pipes.
Holy shit.
This stuff happens all the time.
There's nothing to see here.
School'll take care of all your bathroom needs.
Why does it smell like hot ass?
That would be the gas escaping.
So where are we gonna stay 'til it gets fixed?
School has arranged for housing vouchers.
I can't believe the school is only giving us _200 a month.
You can't even get a cardboard box for that.
What if we pool all our money?
Don't look at me, guys. I'm still saving up for ass implants.
There's nothing affordable unless you commute from the swamp.
Hey, girls.
What about a sorority?
Hey, great idea. A sorority.
That's like flypaper for horny guys.
If we all did it together, it'd be fun.
I don't know, Max.
I don't think I'm really down with the whole sorority thing.
Aren't sororities supposed to be about friendships and bonding?
We could at least check it out.
It's either that or a commute from the swamp.
There are so many temptations out there...
like drugs, alcohol, and boys.
I'd like to introduce you to a different kind of boy.
I think you're really gonna like him.
He's smart, he's funny, and he's really cool.
The coolest.
His name is Jesus, and he just wants to hang with you guys.
Welcome to Kappa!
Can I ask a question?
Was he circumcised?
I mean, he's a Jew, but he's a Christian.
What's the deal with that?
No, I, uh...
Very nice to meet you.
They're dykes.

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