Pledge This! (2006): Ending Part 2


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The clip Ending Part 2 from Pledge This! (2006)

Respected, admired, hot.
But I guess somewhere along the way...
I became like one of those people that caused me...
so much pain and that is totally not hot.
It's not about how you look or building your body...
or straighting your nose or getting bigger boobs.
It's about your attitude and that's what's hot...
and I should know because I invented it.
You're a bitch!
You tell me now about this hot attitude bullshit!
I spent my life savings fixing my nose...
and my entire body to look like you!
Now you tell me to be me and not you.
You're a disgrace.
I hate you!
Hey, lady, get a life.
So, I made a nice speech about having a good attitude...
and inner beauty.
But I can't figure out...
if I was mad at those girls for showing me up...
or proud that they actually managed...
to totally minipulate me.
What the heck?
The next year Gloria became the president of Gamma Gamma.
And me, I loved my cover so much...
I bought FHM magazine.

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