One Night at McCool's (2001): Randy is Depressed


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The clip Randy is Depressed from One Night at McCool's (2001)

Hey buddy, it's me, Randy.
Hey, I was Just talkin' to somebody about you.
What, uh, what's up?
Not a whole hell of a lot.
I'm just here in Collinsville.
Jewel and I needed a little time away from each other.
So, uh, so she didn't go with you?
No, man.
So she's
She's home,
she's all by herself now?
Jewel and I had a little bit of a tiff.
Good. Spend a coupla days away and let things cool off.
And you know what? Thing's will work out fine.
Do you really think so?
Stay there! Okay.
Are you all alone? Are you heartbroken?
Did something happen to the romance?
Did things get out of hand,
and now you're afraid they've gone too far?
Are you about to lose that someone special forever?
If you are one of the 97 out of 100 men
who surveys tell us suffer deepemotional pains,
then I am talking to you!
Don't lose that someone - Act now!
We have psychics trained and standing by
to helpyou through this difficult period.
Don't lose that special someone!
Pick upthe phone
and bring the Jewel back into your life!
Tomorrow may be too late...
Call EPS now! Don't waste another minute!

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