One Night at McCool's (2001): the Men Meet


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The clip the Men Meet from One Night at McCool's (2001)

That's enough!
Come on, hey!
Freeze! Freeze!
You're making a very big mistake.
You better watch it, buddy, I am an attorney!
Get down!
You're making a very serious mistake!
Shut up!
Un! You're in big trouble!
Okay, here she is.
She'll clear up this whole thing.
What are you doing here?!
Uh, Carl...
What's goin' on?
It's not what it looks like.
Why are you wearing that?
Like you don't know.
Hey, I'm not the one
who's got him bent over the table.
This is official police business.
Carl, what are you doing here?!
Where is Jewel?
It was just that one time with me and Jewel, I swear.
What do you mean, one time?
You're lyin'. She never let you touch her.
Yeah, not like you, her "boyfriend. "
Do you believe that? He calls himself Jewel's boyfriend!
I'm warning you.
Where is she?!
I was expecting her here any minute!
Why do you think I'm dressed like this, for Halloween?
You're dressed like that because your perverted cousin -
Wait a minute. We gotta find her!
You are violating a restraining order and are under arrest!
You don't understand.
Someone is coming here to kill her!

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