One Night at McCool's (2001): Carl's Barbecue Memories


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The clip Carl's Barbecue Memories from One Night at McCool's (2001)

I don't know what would make me
invite him over for barbecue.
You did say you were going to.
Yeah, but -
I say a lot of things.
Why do you think you did?
I don't know.
You tell me.
The woman?
You know, he brings her
and she's wearing this nothing of a dress,
its a slip! I mean, you can see everything
For a barbecue.
No, no, wait a second, what am I thinking? Hot pants.
They re like cupping everything,
and-and this top-
You could definitely see her stomach
Wait! No, no no - sorry, it was a dress.
It was a dress, like a, like a summer kind of
farmer girl dress, you know?
With like, cherries and plums and -
little fruits.
She's walking and she's bouncing
and the grapes and the melons,
and they're just ba-boom, ba-boom -
That's fine, thank you.
She's so sexy, but pretty!
Okay, all right!
All right! That's enough!
I get the picture! Let's just go on with the story.
So then -
In any case,
the reason I called you was
you're one guy I can trust
in a situation like this.
I got a guy with a hole in the back of his head
where the exit wound was...
Um, would anybody care for another burger?

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