The Blue Elephant (2008): Pran's Story


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The clip pran's story from The Blue Elephant (2008)

The Hall of Heroes?
These are the remains of great warriors.
The greatest.
Up there, lad.
See that painting in the distance?
That is your father on the left-
just as I remember him that day,
when we marched out to face the invaders.
We might've won, too,
but then he came-
the black elephant.
Tusks like tree trunks,
eyes like burning coals.
He fought to live and lived to fight.
I froze. Couldn't move.
I can still smell his breath, still feel the blow.
I would have died on that field
if not for your father.
Pran and the black elephant clashed eye to eye,
tusk to tusk.
Your father was the bravest elephant I ever knew,
but the black elephant was stronger.
Pran fell saving my life.
His ashes rest here now,
where we honor and respect them.
Pran, my love.
Father, I finally found you.

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