The Blue Elephant (2008): Meeting Naresuan


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The clip meeting naresuan from The Blue Elephant (2008)

Don't be afraid. You're safe here.
It's all right. I won't hurt you.
Your Royal Highness, be careful.
It's a wild animal.
Wild animals never harm those who don't threaten them.
Only man does that.
Hello, little friend.
My name is Naresuan. What's yours?
Your Royal Highness!
We humbly beseech permission to enter your tent!
Take care of the elephant, nanny.
I'll deal with this.
It's just a baby elephant. What do we care?
What, elephants don't grow?
I'm gonna sell him to the general for a thousand-
Ahem. Your Royal Highness Prince Naresuan,
there is a great danger on the loose,
and we are here to protect you, all right?
Forward march!
Stop. Thank you, but your services are not needed.
Your Highness, may I remind you
that you are in no position to give orders.
I may be a hostage, but I'm still a royal guest.
Dishonor me, and you dishonor your own king.
Don't stand around like oafs.
Find that elephant.

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