The Blue Elephant (2008): Bandits Steal the Food


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The clip bandits steal the food from The Blue Elephant (2008)

All the while, he never stopped thinking of his mother.
Rise and shine, sonny boy.
Let's take a look at that leg.
Not afraid of me, are you?
Hmm. Coming right along.
Let's see you put some weight on it.
What did I tell you? Good as new.
A mud pack with some honeycomb and a secret ingredient.
Ancient family recipe. Invented it myself.
Bandits! Bandits are coming!
Everyone indoors!
Bandits. You better stay here.
If they see a strong young bull elephant like you,
they'll drag you off to Burma to be a slave for their army.
I'm coming, Mom.
The soldiers of Burma were nothing more than bandits.
Their so-called taxes were an excuse to rob our villages.
Knock knock.
Who is it?
The big bad wolf.
Come on, shake a leg, you lazy peasants.
I haven't got all day.
New horse, sir? Very nice, very nice.
Yeah, look at that kid. He's cute.
Hello, horsy.
Rice and beans? You gotta be kidding me.
Search everywhere.
Old man, watch it.
If you're lying, I'll have your head.
I wouldn't dream of it.
But we had a hurricane,

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