Danny the Dog (2005): Lefty Finds Danny


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The clip lefty finds danny from Danny the Dog (2005) with Dylan Brown

Fuck's sake, man!
Alright, Danny, look at you! You look great, man!
Look at... You smell divine, pal, I tell ya!
I don't know what you're wearing.
Well, fancy bumping into you, eh.
Boss sends me out. Get some mangos and papayas
and look what I find instead. A lemon. Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Your uncle Bart has been sick with worry, mate.
Yeah! His little pet all lost in the world.
It's all he keeps on talking about, honestly.
'W here's my Little Danny? '
He's dead.
Who told you that?
I saw.
Well, you saw wrong, mate, because he's very, very much alive.
And very much looking forward to you coming home.
Not my home anymore.
Not my home anymore.
Not my home anymore. Why?
You got a new home, have you, Danny? Eh?
Oooh, hey! You got a new family as well?
I tell you what,
if you don't come home like a good little bitch,
Uncle Bart will send a few of the boys out to pay a visit to your new home?
Would you like that? Wouldn't be too hard to find,
what with you shopping here and all.

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