Danny the Dog (2005): Coming Home Late


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The clip coming home late from Danny the Dog (2005)

You're late...
It was so nice out we decided to walk the long way.
Oh you deci...
Didn't I say bring her straight home?
Sam, it was me. Not him.
Oh, it was...
If you wanted to take the long way home,
Victoria, you could have gone to that school in Kansas.
Then you could have taken the long way home for fifty miles and I wouldn't care.
Fifty miles of corn.
Corn is safe.
Corn is boring. And anyway this was the better school.
Which is why we're here and not with the corn, right?
So do me a favor, huh, don't make me worry.
OK, Sam.
What is that?
Smells like ice cream. Vanilla ice cream.
Vanilla is white.
First it's cold.
Then it's sweet.
Sweet is good.

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