Danny the Dog (2005): Bart Yells at Danny


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The clip bart yells at danny from Danny the Dog (2005) with Bob Hoskins

If you can't do what I've trained you to do, what fucking use are you?
No fucking use is the answer! No fucking use at all!
I feed you! I clothe you! I put a roof over your head!
And all that time I put in. All the fucking effort!
To make you the man that you are...
And what gratitude do I get! Look at me!
I look as if I've just been through the third fucking world war.
Take him downstairs, get him out of my sight.
C'mon, c'mon.
I'm getting too old for this shit.
All right, Danny. Get in! Get in!
I'm busy!
I said get in there.
There's a man here to see you.
I just told you I'm busy!
He says he's got a business proposition for us.
He says it's about the show you put on today.
Pat him down.
Already did.
All right, wheel him in.

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