Danny the Dog (2005): Danny Defeats the Champion


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The clip danny defeats the champion from Danny the Dog (2005) with Michael Jenn, Bob Hoskins

So glad you could make it.
Please follow me.
Where's the money?
Oh well, the money comes after.
After what?
After you beat him, our current champion.
Undefeated in fifteen bouts.
Care for a glass of champagne?
We won't be here that long.
Kill him.
Rip his fucking hat off!
That's my boy!
Thanks for the opportunity. You're most welcome. Very impressive.
That bit with the collar. How did you do that?
Like my saint of a mum used to say:
Get 'em young and the possibilities are endless.
I thought it was the Jesuits who said that.
Probably got it from my mum.
If you want us back you do know where to find me.
Oh we certainly want you back.
Only, if you could make it a little more ... entertaining... next time.
I'll see what I can do.

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