Danny the Dog (2005): Waking Up in Bed


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The clip waking up in bed from Danny the Dog (2005)

Don't tell me you're still asleep.
Well now...
If I was a fella who woke up in a strange house
wearing someone else's pajamas, I would be pretty nervous.
I'd try to find the safest place I could to hide.
Now, when I was a kid, the safest place in the whole wide world was...
Right where you are.
It does feel safe, doesn't it?
Well, I figured a man who'd been out for two days would wake up pretty hungry.
So, I hope you like peanut butter and jelly.
My name is Sam, remember?
OK you take your time.
Victoria and I are not big on asking questions.
Figure when the person is ready, they'll give their answers. OK?

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