Danny the Dog (2005): Bart Talks to Danny


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The clip bart talks to danny from Danny the Dog (2005) with Bob Hoskins

This is your refuge?
Your home away from home?
This is your place of... awakening?
For what?
Did it make you a better person?
Look what you made of it.
Nice people took you in.
They give you everything.
And look how you repay them.
You destroyed their lives.
Like you'll destroy any life.
That's because you're not meant for this kind of life, Danny.
You're a dog.
You're my dog.
I fed you. I trained you. I own you.
And I should kill you. Like any responsible owner would do to a dog
that caused this much pain, this much suffering.
The heart...
Come home, Danny.
All's forgiven.
You'll be safe.
You'll be back in a world that you understand.
The only world you'll ever understand.
What do you say?
Forgive and forget?

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