You, the Living (2007): Pickpocketed Part 2


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The clip pickpocketed Part 2 from You, the Living (2007)

No money, no tournedous and no Bordeaux either.
That's brilliant, Tobbe. You're a goddamn poet.
Conny agrees.
Waiter! Can I pay please?
I am a man who enjoys quality.
You know that, Tobbe.
I'm bloody grateful for that.
Not everyone can afford it.
It's too bad.
Quality is not for the common man. Never has been, never will be.
That's just the way it is.
We did some really decent business today. Really.
How did that philosopher put it?
You can't play nice in war and business. Or something like that.
We're just going to finish our brandy. Then we'll have drinks at the Savoy.
So you're bloody welcome, you'll get a fat down payment in cash.
What the hell? Hang on Tobbe. Wait.

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