Harry and the Hendersons (1987): A Witness


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The clip A Witness from Harry and the Hendersons (1987) with John Lithgow, James King

Harry. Yeah.
Sorry, thought you were someone else.
It was huge. It was bigger than you are!
Twice as big as you. Gigantic! Biggest thing I ever saw.
Excuse me, when did all this happen?
Do you mind? I'm trying to take a statement.
It was huge. Gigantic.
A monster like an ape with rabies, only bigger than a regular ape with rabies.
Now just calm down and tell me what happened.
Okay. I'm okay.
I brought my poor ten-speed to a complete stop
like I always do at stop signs.
When out of nowhere this humungous hairy thing
is standing right in front of me! Growling.
With these enormous fangs and these giant hands, and he grabs me.
And he picks me up, bike and all, over his head
then he smashes me down on the cement and now he's all over me.
And he's snarling with saliva dripping off his pointed teeth.
So I grab my Mace...
What? Mace? You idiot! Stand back.
I didn't really Mace him. I was about to be eaten!
Eaten? By a vegetarian? All right, that's it. Officers!
No, now look...
I have no doubt that you saw him,
but what really happened is when you saw him,
you were so scared shitless that you crashed your precious ten speed
into the stop sign, bumped your head on the curb
and probably scared him half to death in the process!
I'm right, aren't I? That's what really happened, isn't it?
Isn't it?
Yes. Yes.
How did you know this? Did you witness it happen?
What's your name, sir? My name?
My name is George Hen...
George, George what? George Hen...
George what?
I'm sorry. I really have to go.

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