Car Wash (1976): Checking in


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The clip checking in from Car Wash (1976)

Hello, Lonnie.
Hey, man. What the hell are you doing here?
It's our policy from time to time to visit our men at their place of employment.
Man, I report every month like I'm supposed to.
You ain't got to keep checkin' on me. It's part of my job.
You think I'm lyin' to you? You think I ain't workin' here no more?
Lonnie, please. I ain't embarrassed.
I served my time. I check in every month.
I keep my job washing the goddamn cars.
How the hell come can't you leave me alone?
Like I said, I'm just doing my job.
Well, I'm just doing mine, and I can't afford to lose it.
So don't you come 'round here no more. You understand?

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