Car Wash (1976): Prostitute


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The clip prostitute from Car Wash (1976)

It's time for... Disco Dance.
Whoo! Your lucky number is 555-KGYS.
Oh, no! Not now, please!
Lady, I got an emergency. Please, lady, excuse me.
I have to get in. This is an emergency. Please!
Since you been away, boy
Lady, my family is dying! They're all choking, and I'm the only one who can help them!
I'm the only
Lady, come on, lady! Lady, listen to me.
Don't ignore me. Listen to me. I gotta make this call.
Lady, please, I'm just beggin'. Just one minute, please.
Slowly driving me insane
Boy, I'm goin' down
I'm going down
'Cause you ain't around
My whole world's upside down
Hello. Uh, is Joe there?
Joe. Boy, please believe me
You ain't got no Joe. Since you've been gone
Is this 555-5330? Everything's going wrong
Well, this is the number he gave me.

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