Car Wash (1976): Arrest


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The clip arrest from Car Wash (1976)

Do you own a Cadillac with the license plates YNL 877?
I sure do. You're under arrest. Turn around, please.
For what, man? Over 37 parking violations you haven't paid.
Oh, I gave my sister-in-law the money this morning to pay it all.
Is there any other way we can straighten this out, Officer?
I gave a certified check. I would've brought it myself, but I had to go to work.
Tell it to the judge. Wait a minute!
I would've brought the check myself!
Hey, Slide, are you going to the slammer? Hey, look!
Call my sister at the May Company.
Better not look in his locker
See you on visitin' day!
Hey, call my sister at the May Company.
I guess this means all debts are cancelled.
No, it don't!
Get back to work. Come on. Wash cars. Wash the cars.
Call her!
Huh? What's the number of the May Company, huh?
Which one? I don't know. Any one.

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