Car Wash (1976): Fired Part 2


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The clip Fired Part 2 from Car Wash (1976) with Ivan Dixon, Sully Boyar

Mr. B, about Abdullah-
I mean, I'm sorry about Abdullah.
He's really wired up. Wish you'd think about giving him another chance.
I've given him a thousand chances. The man is just confused.
He really is. Lonnie, now is not the time, huh?
Please? Mr. B, every week I keep trying to talk to you.
Every week you keep telling me, "Now is not the time. "
I've been working for you for over a year now.
When is it gonna be time?
Uh, I don't wanna talk to you about Duane, huh?
All right, let's don't talk about Duane. Let's talk about me.
I've got to have more money.
I can't make it on what you payin' me. I've got two children.
That Bluebird Car Wash, they're driving me out of business.
Mr. B, I keep telling you, you got a big lot here.
If you organize this right, you could be making twice
Look, I know you got ideas. You got ideas.
Don't I always pay extra for opening and closing?
All right, it's time to get back in the music groove.

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