Car Wash (1976): Rich Daddy Part 3

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Published 19 Nov 2011
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The clip Rich Daddy Part 3 from Car Wash (1976) with Bill Duke, Richard Pryor

All right!
Praise the Lord.
The clip Rich Daddy Part 3 from Car Wash (1976) with Bill Duke, Richard Pryor

All right!
Praise the Lord.
Why don't you tell everybody how you got so rich, Daddy Rich?
This is one nigger you ain't foolin', brother.
I'm hip to the game you runnin' down on these people here.
What can I do for you, brother?
The same thing you doin' for everybody else
Hey, man, hey!
Guess you don't believe in my church
the Church of Divine Economic Spirituality.
Yeah, that's right. I don't believe in it.
Then you don't believe in God.
Not your God.
My God's doin' all right by me.
He sure is! He's doin' all right by me too!
Why don't you climb on board, brother, and believe in me.
And for a small fee I'll set you free, nearer thy God to thee.
Praise you, honey. Praise you.
'Cause it's better to have money and not to need it than to need it and not to have it.
There's a good place in this world for money.
And I know where it is- right here in my pocket.
Hey, give me some!
You talkin' just like a pimp.
Now, wait a minute.
Answer him.
Answer him, Lord.
I don't get mad at people like that. You know why?
'Cause he's a revolutionary.
That's right, brother.
He must be leadin' a bunch of fools, disrespect women he don't even know.
Wilson Sisters some of the finest women you ever wanna meet.
He don't know nothin' about 'em.
Gon' talk about 'em. You better believe it.
If I wasn't a Christian man, I'd probably be kickin' in yo' ass.
Thank you!
Well, drop on down, brother.
Drop on down here, brother.
I'm gon' drop on down with a bit of light.
Make him apologize, sister.
All right, all right.
You got it, Daddy.
I shall not be moved.
Like a tree planted by the water, Amen!
I shall not be moved.
Doo-doo-wop A
rat-a-tat boom
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