Car Wash (1976): Practical Joke Part 2


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The clip Practical joke Part 2 from Car Wash (1976)

What did I do?
Shit, man! What did I do?
She's crazy. Got her brains in her lungs.
Then the bitch must be a genius!
Marsha, this is my lunch!
What'd you do with my ears, man? Nothin'!
Looks like a nice lunch you got there.
Geronimo. Yeah? What do you want?
I was just thinkin'.
Maybe I ought to call Charlene,just to let her know I'm all right.
Scruggy, what I tell you this morning?
It ain't cool for your old lady to know where you are every minute of every day.
Tonight when you get home, she's gonna be at the door with your pipe and slippers...
in that little negligee you told me about.
It ain't good for her to know that she can boss you around.
Well, I don't smoke a pipe and I don't wear no slippers.
Scruggy, I'm the expert. Right?
Take it from me. I've been married three and a half times. I should know, huh?
Hey, what the hell is going on around here, huh?
This is no playground. We wash cars, huh?
We're on our lunch hour. Then eat your lunch.
Go ahead. You heard me.
You heard Mr. B.
That's all right, Chuko. I'm gonna get you. In your dreams, Pocahontas.
Hey, come on. Come on.

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