Car Wash (1976): Introducing Daddy Rich


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The clip introducing daddy rich from Car Wash (1976)

Standing room only
A young man jumped up and accused Daddy Rich of bein' a thief
Daddy Rich just smiled
And, uh, began to preach
He said I fear not those
Who do not like me
Whose car is that? That belongs to the supreme black man, that's who.
Yeah, that's Daddy's car. Daddy Rich. You never watch him on TV?
Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!
Amen! Hallelujah!
Praise the Lord.
Or praise this car, honey.
Thank you, miss.
Yeah, Daddy. Daddy Rich, what's your secret?
My secret? How you doin'? Please.
Thank you, brother.
Good to see you. The secret-
Thank you. Yeah.
There are no secrets. Believe that. Uh-huh. I believe it.
Except believe in the Lord! Right!
Ooh-wee. And believe in yourself.
And most of all, Uh-huh?
believe in that federal green.
'Cause money walks and bullshit talks.
How you doin', brother?
Daddy Rich, I been followin' you for over five years.
Well, bless you, brother, bless you.
Would you allow me the privilege of shining your shoes?
Well, you know what they say. I take what is given unto me.
Daddy Rich's special polish.
Wow. Special polish!
Ooh! That's real fur.
Oooh! Oh, my God!
What's it feel like in there, Lindy?
Like being in church with Burt Reynolds, honey.
I'd like you to drink with me, 'cause my cup runneth over.
All right! All right!
Blessed be the tithe.
All right!

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