Car Wash (1976): Throwing Up in the Car


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The clip Throwing up in the car from Car Wash (1976)

Of course it's busy. It's a beauty salon. Just break in.
Okay, darling, hold it in for Mommy. You can do it.
If you have to throw up, do it out the window, away from the car.
Operator, this is urgent.
Please, look, if they do come through, phone me at this number.
It's absolutely urgent that I talk to them.
No, away! Away from the car!
Hippo, you got yourself a customer, honey.
Oh, my God.
It's going to eat the paint out.
I told you, for Mommy, to throw up away from the car.
Can you get it off before it wrecks the finish?
You'd better get out of there.
I'm very late
Do you think it's gonna eat through the paint?
Look at you. You're just, uh-
Can you tell me where the, uh
Over there.
Thank you very much. Hurry, because the finish is gonna be-
Sir, if Monsieur Mark ca-
If he calls, would you ask him to take me half an hour later, please?
Sure. Thank you.
Hello? Is somebody in there?
Is somebody in there? This is an emergency!
Is somebody in there? I have an emergency!
I think someone's in there, ma'am. What? Uh, someone-
Open up!
Oh, God, please.
Uh, Miss Thing wants it clean, honey.
Uh, Charlie! Come take over for a minute, all right?
What is going on in there? Why don't you open this door?
Oh, God, please. Please, God, open this door.
Oh... my God, it stinks in here.
It's supposed to, lady. It's the toilet.
I'm not gonna go in there. It's the ladies room.

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