Car Wash (1976): Workplace


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The clip workplace from Car Wash (1976) with Leonard Jackson, Bill Duke

The Philadelphia Flyer's record run...
in the women's 100-yard dash...
was. 5 seconds better than Wilma Rudolph's Olympic record set a decade ago.
And in baseball, another record was set...
when Reggie Jackson hit two consecutive grand slam home runs in one inning...
to aid in the 16-1 undeniable slaughter...
of his former teammates.
Now, that's what I call swingin' a big bat.
The weather for Los Angeles and vicinity-
continued clear and warm, light smog in the basin, 79 at the airport, 83 downtown,
and in KGYS-land, watch out, Los Angeles-
89 degrees.
Smile so- Oh
KGYS You messed up again.
How about that Reggie Jackson? Reggie who?
He's a great baseball player.
Honey, baseball is not my game. Well, do you know about-
Stay tuned to KGYS, soul support in greater Los Angeles.
Remember, we're giving away tickets to J.B.'s big disco dance and show tonight.
Now here's a smooth one called "Water. "
Take a sip.
Morning, Abdullah.
Where were you yesterday, Duane?
And you're late today, Duane.
You'd better get off of my case, Earl.
And my name is Abdullah Mohammed Akbar. All right?
"Mohammed Akbar. "
Hey, man, you all right?
Hey, Abdullah- No, man!
You got a problem? You need somethin'?
Just wondered if you was all right.
I'm all right, man.
Go to work. I'll be there in a second.

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