The Dark Knight (2008): Not Safe


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The clip Not safe from The Dark Knight (2008)

-Harvey, where are you? Where are you?
I'm where you should be, at Major Crimes. I'm trying to deal with all of this mess.
-Can I get the fingerprint analysis? -Rachel, listen. You're not safe there.
-This is Gordon's unit. -Gordon's gone.
He vouched for these men. -And he's gone.
The Joker's named you next.
God, is there someone, is there anyone in this town we can trust?
We can trust Bruce Wayne.
-No. Rachel, I know you're his friend, but-- -Harvey, trust me.
Bruce's penthouse is now the safest place in the city.
Then you go straight there.
Don't tell anybody and I'll find you there.
I love you.

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