The Dark Knight (2008): Interrogating the Joker


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The clip Interrogating the Joker from The Dark Knight (2008) with Gary Oldman, Heath Ledger

Has he said anything yet?
Evening, commissioner.
Harvey Dent never made it home.
-Of course not. -What have you done with him?
I was right here.
Who did you leave him with?
Hm? Your people?
Assuming, of course, that they are still your people and not Maroni's.
Does it depress you, commissioner to know just how alone you really are?
Does it make you feel responsible for Harvey Dent's current predicament?
-Where is he? -What's the time?
What difference does that make?
Well, depending on the time, he may be in one spot or several.
-If we're gonna play games... -Mm-hm?
...I'm gonna need a cup of coffee.
Ah, the "good cop, bad cop" routine?
Not exactly.

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