The Dark Knight (2008): The Joker's Targets


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The clip The Joker's targets from The Dark Knight (2008)

-Any matches? -All three.
The DNA belongs to Judge Surrillo, Harvey Dent and Commissioner Loeb.
The Joker's telling us who he's targeting.
Get a unit over to Surrillo's house. Tell Wuertz to find Dent.
Protective custody. Where's the commissioner?
-City hall. -Seal the building.
-No one in or out till I get there. -Got it.
Gordon. What are you up to?
We're secure. I want a floor-by-floor search of the entire building.
We believe the Joker's made a threat against your life.
These are dangerous people.
-You're not giving me a lot of information. -Even we don't know where you're going.
Take the envelope, get in, open it. It'll tell you where you're headed.

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