The Dark Knight (2008): Discussing Police Work


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The clip Discussing police work from The Dark Knight (2008) with Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart

I hear you got a hell of a right cross.
It's a shame Sal's going to walk.
Yeah, well, good thing about the Mob is they keep giving you second chances.
Lightly irradiated bills.
Fancy stuff for a city cop. Have help?
We liaise with various agencies--
Save it, Gordon. I wanna meet him.
Official policy is to arrest the vigilante known as Batman on sight.
Mm-hm. What about that floodlight on the top of MCU?
If you got problems with malfunctioning equipment I suggest you take them up with Maintenance, counselor.
I've put every money launderer in Gotham behind bars but the Mob is still getting its money out.
I think you and your friend have found the last game in town.
You're trying to hit them where it hurts, their wallets.
It's bold.
You gonna count me in?
In this town, the fewer people know something, the safer the operation.
I don't like that you got your own special unit and it's full of cops I investigated at Internal Affairs.
If I didn't work with cops you'd investigated while at IA I'd be working alone.
I don't get political points for being an idealist. I do the best I can with what I have.
You want me to back warrants for search and seizure on five banks without telling me what we're after.
I can give you the names of the banks.
Well, that's a start.
I'll get you your warrants, but I want your trust.
Oh, you don't have to sell me, Dent. We all know you're Gotham's white knight.
Yeah, well, I heard they have a different name for me down at MCU.
I wouldn't know about that.

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